China (Hangzhou) International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo in 2024

VENUE:Hangzhou International Expo Center

DATE: June 19-21 and December 5-7

Countdown: Days




Dec 5TH -9TH, 2024

Hangzhou International Expo Center


Brief introduction

Hangzhou is the birthplace of China's E-commerce and a concentrated area of well-known domestic apparel brands. It has enjoyed the name " Capital of Chinese lady wears" and "Capital of E-commerce live streaming", gathering a large number of Apparel and E-commerce enterprises with strong market competitiveness and innovation ability. Hangzhou International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo started its business journey in 2000. There are more than 8,000 brands and E-commerce companies both from China's domestic market or abroad, 20,000 apparel foreign trade companies, and 600 large and medium-sized shopping malls and supermarkets attending the show.

With the rapid development of the global and home market, the show is becoming a must-go event for textile and apparel supply chain professionals. The success of the previous exhibition experience has proved that "Hangzhou International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo" is one of the best platforms for apparel brands, wholesalers, E-commerce, foreign trade companies, and manufacturers in the industry.

The Winter Session of Hangzhou International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo 2023 has total 500,000 sqm, over 2000 booths and over 1500 exhibitors. Among these exhibitors, 40.88% from Zhejiang province, 21.11 from Jiangsu, 16.08 from Guangdong, 5.93 from Shanghai, 5.03% from Shandong, 2.96% from Fujian, 2.16% from Anhui. The repeat exhibition rate is around 60%, many exhibitors already pre-order booth of next show even before the end of the winter session show.

Based on the organizers' successful exhibition experience of more than 20 sessions and rich industry resources, new explorations have been made in inviting buyers and more attractive on-site supporting activities, which include on-site match-making. A set of systematic promotion plans have been formed which include before the show, during the show, and after the show, and integrating social media platforms to fully enhance the influence of the show, the method of promotion include but not limited to professional media, outdoor advertising boards in industry concentrated zones of Zhejiang, online social media, professional buyer invitation team, advertising in stations of highspeed train and subway, related associations, etc.


During 3 days of the Winter Session of Hangzhou International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo 2023, a total of 66,763 buyers were attracted to the show. Among them, 729 persons from countries other than China. 49.79% of buyers are from brand company or fashion designer, the second big portion of buyer 26.74% are from trading company /wholesaler /sales agent / supermarket., the third largest group 12.32% from e-commerce / influential vlogger / online live broadcasting sales agent, the rest attendee are from textile materials suppliers, associations, media and others. The biggest region of buyer are from Eastern China which number is 55219, take 82.71% of total number of buyer.

Exhibit Categories


Fabrics and accessories

all kinds of popular textile fabrics, fashionable accessories, etc.


Yarn& fiber

fancy yarns, metallic yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, natural fiber, synthetic fiber, etc.


Original design

full range of original designers, design institutions, etc.



men's wear/formal clothes, women's wear, fur clothing and fur, down jacket/cotton clothes, cashmere /woolen goods, underwear/leisure wear, sweaters/ knitting, Jeans/Casual clothes, children's wear, etc.



thermal underwear, functional underwear, pajamas, homewear, swimwear, underwear, etc.



textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, clothing software, intelligent sewing equipment, laser engraving, cutting equipment, and textile and garment (city) commercial real estate, etc.



(only in June) men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, and sports socks, etc.


Hats, scarfs, and gloves

fashionable hats, knitted hats, straw hats, fashionable scarfs, real silk scarfs, blending scarfs, sports gloves, etiquette gloves, functional gloves, etc.



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