China (Hangzhou) International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo in 2024

VENUE:Hangzhou International Expo Center

DATE: June 19-21 and December 5-7

Countdown: Days



Exhibition Agreement

The exhibition is organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (hereinafter referred to as the Chamber of Commerce). The Chamber of Commerce is the official representative of the exhibition management body in Chinese mainland. An "Exhibitor" is an applicant who has been approved by the Governing Body to participate in the Exhibition. All exhibitors and their representatives are subject to the terms, regulations, guidelines, conditions of service and other matters delegated by the Governing Body as set out in this Agreement.
Exhibitor Qualifications: Exhibitors promise that all materials used to review exhibitor qualifications are true and valid, and bear all the consequences arising therefrom. If the relevant information is untrue or invalid, the exhibition management agency has the right to cancel the exhibitor's qualification at any time and has the right to deduct reasonable expenses from the exhibitor's paid expenses to compensate for the expenses incurred.
Payment terms: After the exhibitor passes the qualification review, the exhibitor must immediately pay a 50% booth fee deposit to the Textile Chamber of Commerce and send the stamped exhibitor participation agreement, and the remaining booth fee must be made up at one time before the agreed date to ensure the exhibitor qualification. In the event of a breach of these payment terms, the Textile Chamber reserves the right to terminate the exhibition agreement immediately.
Booth allocation: The exhibition management will divide the spatial location of exhibitors in an appropriate manner, and has the right to reallocate booths, and has the right to restrict or remove exhibits that disturb the characteristics of the exhibition.
The following factors will be considered for the allocation of the exhibition: the size of the booth, whether it is specially decorated, the number of exhibitions, whether it has applied for a corner booth, and the category of exhibits.
Visa Invitation Letter Application: If the exhibitor needs to make the invitation letter required for the visa, the exhibitor shall pay the full participation fee in full, and the organizer will issue the invitation letter within 5 working days after receiving the above fee. The exhibition organizer is responsible for providing invitation letters, and each 9-square-meter standard booth can apply for an invitation letter for a maximum of 3 people, and more than 3 people will be charged 500 yuan for each more than 1 person.
Penalty for withdrawal of exhibition: If the exhibitor cancels all or part of the booth area specified in the contract, he or she must explain the reasons in writing and bear the expenses in accordance with the following amount or proportion.
Cancellation Date: 
Before May 31, 2024, if the embassy or consulate refuses to apply to all exhibitors, the balance will be refunded after deducting RMB 500 per person according to the number of people listed in the invitation letter.
Before May 31, 2024, if the exhibitor is not withdrawn due to the refusal of all exhibitors, 1,000 RMB will be deducted to pay for the organizer's pre-service fee, and the balance will be refunded after deducting 500 RMB per person according to the number of people listed in the invitation letter.
After June 1, 2024, 50% of the booth fee will be deducted as compensation for any reason withdrawn.
After July 15, 2024, 100% of the booth fee will be deducted as compensation for any reason withdrawn.
Exhibition Schedule: During the exhibition, the start and end times of the exhibition will be specified in the "Exhibitor Service Manual".
Booth use: construction and installation of the exhibition. According to the contract, the exhibitor must use the booth within the exhibition and exhibition dates specified in the "Exhibitor Service Manual". If the exhibitor intends to build a booth in a special or customized way, it must obtain the written permission of the exhibition management agency in advance and complete the special installation through the construction company designated by the exhibition. Booths must be set up on the move-in day before the opening of the exhibition. Scalping stalls are prohibited. Without the written consent of the exhibition management body, the exhibitor shall not re-designate, sublease or allocate all or part of the designated booth; Any representatives, products, equipment, logos, and printed materials other than the contracted company shall not appear in the designated booth area. The exhibition management authority has the right to revoke the right of non-professional exhibitors and representatives of exhibitors who deliberately disrupt the order of the exhibition site. Exhibitors are not allowed to cover, add or replace the information displayed on the fascia of the booth. It is forbidden to build it yourself. Exhibitors are not allowed to modify their booths by themselves, and all modifications must be completed by professionals from the contractor designated by the exhibition. If the exhibitor causes personal or property losses to himself or others due to self-transformation, the exhibitor shall be liable for the corresponding compensation.
Booth responsibility: During the exhibition, the exhibitor shall ensure that its exhibitor representatives participate in the exhibition throughout the exhibition, and there shall be no exhibitor representative on the booth during the exhibition. Exhibitors are responsible for the management of the staff in their booths, ensuring that all personnel comply with the rules of the exhibition and do their best to ensure the safety of persons and property. Early dismantling is prohibited. If the booth is dismantled or packed before the dismantling time specified by the exhibition, the exhibition security personnel and exhibition staff have the right to stop the dismantling and prohibit them from leaving the exhibition hall with exhibits.
Retail Activities: All retail activities are prohibited during the exhibition period.
Photo Permission: The exhibition management has the right to use any photos displayed at the exhibition or published in the media, and exhibitors have no right to levy royalties and claim compensation for other fees for the use of the photos. Exhibitors have the right to prohibit non-staff from taking pictures of booths and exhibits, and if they forcibly take pictures without permission, they can ask on-site security personnel or exhibition staff to assist in stopping them.
Advertising: All promotional materials and products of exhibitors must be distributed in the limited exhibition area. Without the permission of the exhibition management agency, exhibitors are not allowed to carry out publicity activities outside the scope of their booth and in front of the exhibition. Promotional displays with sound must not disturb other exhibitors and visitors in the vicinity. The exhibition management agency has the right to ban publicity activities that do not meet the exhibition standards without approval.
Media PR: Any media event, whether arranged by the exhibitor or not, must be approved by the press office of the governing body.
Exclusion of Liability: The Exhibition Administration shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Exhibitor by force majeure, war, civil unrest, strikes, fires, breakdowns, bad weather and any damage caused to the Exhibitor by the Visitor or other Exhibitor Representatives. In addition, the trade fair management is not responsible for the number of visitors to the trade fair and the sales generated by the exhibitor's participation in the trade fair. The exhibition management agency has the right to cancel the exhibition due to force majeure factors, or change the time and place of the exhibition. If the exhibition is cancelled, the balance will be refunded after deducting all the expenses incurred. If the time and place of the exhibition are changed, the exhibitor has the right to choose whether to continue to participate in the exhibition. If you choose to continue to participate in the exhibition, the contract signed by both parties is still valid; If you choose to return the exhibition, the balance will be refunded after deducting all items and incurring expenses.
Safety Responsibilities: Exhibitors shall comply with the laws and customs of the place where the exhibition will be held, comply with the facility safety regulations and safety notices issued by local security personnel and the exhibition management body. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any loss of persons, property and economic losses caused by the Exhibitor as a result of the Booth Facilities to which it is assigned, the items it carries and any employees who exhibit in its name. The exhibition management will provide security guarantees for the construction, dismantling and the entire exhibition period, but has no right to be responsible for the damage or loss of exhibitors' property. Minors are prohibited from entering the exhibition hall on the move-in day, and minors are prohibited from participating in the exhibition without an adult.
Exhibition Insurance: Exhibitors are responsible for providing adequate insurance coverage for their persons and property attending the Exhibition.
Exhibitor Service Manual: Specific information such as booth assembly, disassembly, transfer company, packing materials, exhibitor guidelines and other information will be indicated in the Exhibitor Service Manual.
Booth dismantling: After the exhibition, the booth should be restored to its original state, and any damage caused to the booth area and the exhibition hall (including structure, floor, wiring, pipes, etc.) must be repaired by the exhibitor. If the exhibitor fails to withdraw on time, the exhibition management may clean up and store the exhibits at the exhibitor's expense. The exhibition management agency is not responsible for the remaining exhibits.
Trademarks and other commercial rights: The event management expects exhibitors to be able to enforce their trademark rights and other commercial rights in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of Canada. It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to obtain all necessary licenses and consents for the use of performances, displays, copyrighted works, trademarks, proprietary products and designs in accordance with Canadian laws and regulations. In the event of trademark misappropriation or other commercial infringement, the exhibition management authority has the right to confiscate the allegedly infringing products, prohibit the exhibitor from participating in the exhibition, or cancel the qualification of future exhibitors. Any consequences arising from the infringement of the exhibitor shall be borne by the exhibitor, and the exhibition management agency shall not be held responsible.
Arbitration Clause: Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be submitted to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for adjudication.
Amendments: Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and must be agreed to by the Event Administration.
I confirm that I have carefully read and accept the constraints of the above terms.