China (Hangzhou) International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo in 2024

VENUE:Hangzhou International Expo Center

DATE: June 19-21 and December 5-7

Countdown: Days



【Exhibition Schedule】
Setup:June 17-18, 2024 and December 3-4
Exhibition: June 19-21 and December 5-7
Removal: Start from 3:00 P.M. on June 21, 2024.

【Exhibit Categories】
Fabrics and accessories: all kinds of popular textile fabrics, fashionable accessories, etc.
Yarn& fibler: fancy yarns, metallic yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, natural fiber, synthetic fiber, etc.
Apparel: men's wear/formal clothes, women's wear, fur clothing and fur, down jacket/cotton clothes, cashmere /woolen goods, underwear/leisure wear, sweaters/ knitting, Jeans/Casual clothes, children's wear, etc.
Original design: full range of original designers, design institutions, etc.
Socks:(only in June) men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, and sports socks, etc.
Underwear: thermal underwear, functional underwear, pajamas, homewear, swimwear, underwear, etc.
Hats, scarfs, and gloves: fashionable hats, knitted hats, straw hats, fashionable scarfs, real silk scarfs, blending scarfs, sports gloves, etiquette gloves, functional gloves, etc.
Others: textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, clothing software, intelligent sewing equipment, laser engraving, cutting equipment, and textile and garment (city) commercial real estate, etc.

【Booth Fees】
Booth packages
Size:3*3=9 m²
Price (USD) $ 4,000
Description: Provide three-sided panel 2.5 meters high (except double sides opening), 1 table, 1 counter, 3 folding chairs, ID board, 3 spotlights, booth with heightened image, one 220V/5A power bar, 2 hang bars of 3 meters or 6 shelves, and 1 trash bin ect
include buyer invitation, exhibition cleaning, security, publicity and other services.

【Directory Advertisement】
Cover: USD 3,000
Back cover: USD 2,500
Inside front cover: USD 2,000
Inside back cover: USD 1500
Colorful full version: USD 850
Black and white full version: USD 500
Fashion show/Release show for new products: 80,000 yuan/show; USD 13,500/show
Invitation card: USD 1,000 /10,000 pieces;
Tickets: USD 850/ ten thousand pieces;
Arched door: USD 1,500/exhibition period;
Banner: USD 850/exhibition period.

【Contact info of Organizing Committee】:
China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles, CCCT
Marketing department
Neal Luan, E-mail,
Yu Hong, E-mail,
Address : 7th floor, Building No.12, Panjiayuan Nanli Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China